What Is A Copper Gas-Liquid Filter Screen And What Is The Price Of The Copper Screen

July 29, 2023

Product Name: Copper Wire Vapor Liquid Filter Net Copper Wire Mist Removal Net Copper Wire Knitted Filter Net Knitted Defoaming Net
Product characteristics: Copper and many copper alloys have good corrosion resistance in aqueous solutions, non oxidizing acids such as hydrochloric acid, organic acids (such as acetic acid, citric acid, fatty acids, lactic acid, oxalic acid, etc.), various alkalis other than ammonia, and non oxidizing organic compounds (such as oils, phenols, alcohols, etc.); Therefore, in the petrochemical industry, a large number of devices such as containers, copper gas-liquid filter screens, copper wire mesh demisters, and filters are used to manufacture corrosive media

Scope of application: The brass gas-liquid filter screen and red copper gas-liquid filter screen produced by our factory are widely used in pressure vessels, machinery manufacturing, electrical, light industry, automobile, Arms industry and other fields, and are used to manufacture various copper wire mesh demisters, copper gas-liquid separators, copper filters, and compression components

Product material: pure copper is a rose red metal, which turns purple after forming a Copper(II) oxide film on the surface, so industrial pure copper is often called red copper, red copper, red copper or electrolytic copper. Its density is 8-9g/m3 and its melting point is 1083 ℃.
Description of copper mesh: Copper mesh is widely used in wall insulation, electronic displays, and other fields due to its non magnetic, acid and alkali resistant, good sound insulation, electron beam filtering, and good ductility