200mm Steam Boiler Take Wire Mesh Demister Mist Eliminator

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Place of Origin: Anping, China
Brand Name: Yuanqiao
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: YQ-125
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Price: Negociation
Packaging Details: pallet or Wooden boxes
Delivery Time: 5-10 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1000 pcs per month
Detail Information
Product Name: Wire Mesh Demister Key Word: Mesh Pad Demisters
Material: SS304 Shape: Donut, Circle
Thickness: 200mm, Or As Your Required Sections: 6/8, Or According To Your Required
Application: Gas Liquid Mesh Filter Grids: 25*3mm Flat Bar
Shape & Size: Φ1700-Φ630 Φ2200-Φ820 Core Components: Engine, Bearing, Gearbox, Pressure Vessel
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200mm wire mesh demister


steam boiler take wire mesh demister


200mm mesh pad mist eliminator

Product Description

200mm Steam Boiler Take Wire Mesh Demister Mist Eliminator


Steam Boiler Take Wire Mesh Demister


1.1 Wire Mesh Demister General


A wire mesh demister, also known as a mist eliminator or mesh pad, is a type of gas-liquid separation device that is used to remove liquid droplets from a gas stream. It consists of multiple layers of knitted or woven wire mesh, which is designed to capture and hold liquid droplets as they pass through


Wire mesh demisters are commonly used in various industries, including oil and gas, chemical processing, and power generation, to remove liquid droplets from gas streams. They are also used in environmental applications, such as air pollution control, to remove liquid droplets from exhaust gases before they are released into the atmosphere


Wire mesh demisters work based on the principles of impingement and coalescence. When a gas-liquid mixture enters the mesh pad demister, the gas flows through the wire mesh surface while the liquid droplets are captured by the wire surfaces due to the surface tension and capillary action. As the liquid droplets accumulate on the wire surfaces, they coalesce into larger droplets due to gravity, and eventually, they become heavy enough to fall down to the bottom of the demister. The larger droplets then flow down the surface of the mesh pad and are collected in a liquid sump. The gas stream, now with a much lower liquid content, exits the demister and continues on in the process


The effectiveness of wire mesh demisters depends on several factors, including the wire mesh type, wire diameter, pad thickness, and gas velocity. Higher gas velocities can increase the turbulence in the gas-liquid mixture, which can increase the likelihood of liquid droplets impinging on the wire surfaces. However, increased turbulence can also lead to increased pressure drop across the demister, which can reduce the overall efficiency of the process


Overall, wire mesh demisters are an important component in many industrial processes that involve gas-liquid separation. They are relatively simple and reliable devices that can help improve process efficiency, reduce equipment corrosion, and protect downstream equipment from liquid carryover


1.2 Wire Mesh Demister Construction


A. Mist Eliminators shall be fabricated in one piece or in the minimum number of sections required for insertion through the vessel manway.

B. Mesh pads shall fit tightly into the pad containment system.

C. Mesh pad layers shall not be more than 9 inches (230 mm) thick. Where more than one layer is required, joints shall be staggered.

D. One-piece circular mesh pads may be spiral in form.


1.3 Wire Mesh Demister Supports and Grids


A. The general arrangement of Mist Eliminator supports and grids shall be as factory habit unless required by customer.

B. Final details of Mist Eliminator supports and hold down grids can also be furnished by Yuanqiao Mist Eliminator supplier.

C. The Mist Eliminator supplier shall furnish details of components attached to the vessel to the vessel fabricator in time to permit installation without altering the vessel fabrication schedule.

D. Each section of the mesh pad shall include a grid on each side.

E. Style G mesh pads shall be furnished with an inlet and an outlet rigid welded grid. The outlet grid and blanket outlet zone of the Style G mesh pad shall be distinctly marked “Outlet”.

F. Spiral mesh pads shall include X-type grids on both sides.


1.4 Fastening Devices


As the Mist Eliminator fabricator we can supply wire ties or other devices to fasten the Mist Eliminator sections to the supports, attach the grids to their vessel supports, and where multiple layer Mist Eliminators are necessary, to secure the layers together.


Metal Wire Mesh Pad Demister Type and Applications


Wire Dia.


Mesh Density


Surface Area


Normal Micron Rating Application
0.15 195 650 3 Very high efficiency in clean service
0.15 145 480 4 Fine droplet removal in clean service
0.15 112 375 5 General purpose in clean service
0.28 195 355 5 Optimum efficiency & pressure drop
0.28 170 310 6 General purpose not totally clean
0.28 145 265 8 Heavy Duty e.g. Oil & Gas Separators
0.28 110 200 10 Light fouling
0.28 80 145 12 Moderate fouling

Working Theory of Wire Mesh Demister


The mesh pad mist eliminator is designed to collect liquid particles contained in the vapour phase after boiling, vacuum evaporation or bubbling process.

Small droplets in the gas contact the wide surface of the filaments of the mesh pad mist eliminator, gradually grow into large liquid droplets and flow and drop by a special structure accelerating the coalescing of the liquid droplets. The mesh pad of the mist eliminator is highly porous, so the vapour gas passes through the mist eliminator without hindrance, leaving only pure gas.

The process is not a type of filtering as the hole size of the knit mesh is not specially related to the size of the liquid droplets. This mist elimination is caused by the collision and sudden change resulting from the flowing speed of the small liquid droplets, and the coalescing of the liquid drips and gravity cause their descent.

This is a process combing mechanical and physical phenomenon.


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