98% Porosity Copper Mesh To Keep Mice Out Long Lasting Wire

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Anping, China
Brand Name: Yuanqiao
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: YQ-118
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden boxes
Delivery Time: 5-10 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 1000 pcs per day
Detail Information
Mesh Size: 40 Mesh Porosity: 98%
Applicable Objects: Plants/walls/floors Color: Reddish Brown
Feature: Alkali Resistant, Waterproof, Low Temperature Resistant, High Temperature Resistant, Anti-static, Acid Resistant Wire Diameter: 0.2mm-0.28mm
Specifications: 12, 127mm*12m, 127mm*15.2m, 127mm*30m7mm*3m, 127mm*6m, 127mm*10m Aperature: 15m
High Light:

copper mesh to keep mice out


98% copper mesh to keep mice out


Long Lasting copper mesh for mice

Product Description

Product Description:

Copper That Leads

Unlike other steel wool mice control that rust and corrode over time, our copper mesh is made of 0.17mm thick, refined, and high-quality copper. This means its craftsmanship will not disappoint you.

Curfew Activated

Say goodbye to the days of walking into the kitchen and finding cockroaches on the counter or mice having a party in your pantry. Use our unchewable copper mesh for pest control to seal all cracks, openings, and barge the uninvited guests.

Package the Right Way

No more worries about wrapping materials smearing your valuable package with unwanted color. Our copper pest mesh will help safeguard your items for years. Plus, with our special scissors, you can cut the mesh in any way you like.

Exceeding Every Expectation

The fire and waterproof build of our rodent wire mesh allows for repeated use without deterioration. It is designed to be comfortable to hold even during rough usage, exceeding every expectation.

One-Stop Solution

Whether you want to improve the structure of your backyard garden or protect outdoor pipes from damage, our rust-resistant, 127mm*15m copper art mesh serves as an ideal barrier for any commodity.



99.99% pure copper

This product is made of 99.99% pure copper, ensuring high quality and reliability.

Easy to cut short

The material used in this product makes it easy to cut short, allowing for precise and efficient installation.

Easy to use

With its user-friendly design, this product is easy to use even for those with little experience.

High temperature resistance

The exceptional high temperature resistance of this product makes it a great choice for various applications.

Good corrosion resistance

Thanks to its good corrosion resistance, this product can withstand harsh environments and maintain its durability over time.


Technical Parameters:

Copper Rodent Mesh Technical Specifications
Product Name Copper Rodent Mesh
Material Copper Wire
Color Reddish Brown
Mesh Size 40 Mesh
Length 3m, 6m, 10m, 12m, 15.2m , 30m
Feature Alkali Resistant, Waterproof, Low Temperature Resistant, High Temperature Resistant, Anti-static, Acid Resistant
Porosity 98%
Aperature 15m
Applicable Objects Plants/walls/floors
Density 40

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Packing and Shipping:

Package and Shipping for Copper Rodent Mesh

Our Copper Rodent Mesh is packed and shipped to ensure safe delivery and protection of the product. Here are the details for packaging and shipping:

  • Each roll of Copper Rodent Mesh is wrapped in a layer of protective film to prevent scratches and damage during transportation.
  • The rolls are then packed in strong and durable cardboard boxes to provide additional protection.
  • The boxes are sealed with tape to secure the contents and prevent any tampering.

Once the product is packaged, it is ready for shipping. Here is our shipping process:

  • We offer worldwide shipping for our Copper Rodent Mesh.
  • The product is shipped via reliable and trusted courier services to ensure timely and safe delivery.
  • Customers can choose from different shipping options based on their location and urgency of delivery.
  • Once the product is shipped, customers will receive a tracking number to track their order.

At Copper Rodent Mesh, we take great care in packaging and shipping our product to ensure customer satisfaction. If you have any further questions about our packaging and shipping process, please don't hesitate to contact us.



A: The brand name of this product is Yuanqiao.

A: The model number of this product is YQ-118.

A: This product is made in Anping, China.

A: Yes, this product is certified with ISO9001.

A: The minimum order quantity for this product is 1pc.

A: Yes, the price of this product is negotiable.

A: This product is packaged in wooden boxes.

A: The delivery time for this product is 5-10 days.

A: The payment terms for this product are T/T and L/C.

A: The supply ability for this product is 1000 pcs per day.

  • Q: What is the brand name of this product?
  • Q: What is the model number of this product?
  • Q: Where is this product made?
  • Q: Is this product certified?
  • Q: What is the minimum order quantity for this product?
  • Q: Is the price of this product negotiable?
  • Q: How is this product packaged?
  • Q: How long is the delivery time for this product?
  • Q: What are the payment terms for this product?
  • Q: What is the supply ability for this product?98% Porosity Copper Mesh To Keep Mice Out Long Lasting Wire 098% Porosity Copper Mesh To Keep Mice Out Long Lasting Wire 1

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