100% Pure Copper Mesh Rolls With 40 Density 98% Porosity For Pest Control Solutions

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Anping, China
Brand Name: Yuanqiao
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: YQ-119
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Roll
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden boxes or pallet or as required
Delivery Time: 5-10 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 1000 pcs per day
Detail Information
Product Name: Copper Mesh Rolls Key Words: Copper Wire Braided Mesh Roll
Density: 40 Shape: Roll
Porosity: 98% Wire Strand: Single Wire
Material: 100% Pure Copper
High Light:

100% Pure Copper Mesh Rolls


98% Porosity Copper Mesh Rolls


Pest Control Solutions Copper Mesh Rolls

Product Description

Product Description:

Benefits of Copper Wire Mesh

Copper wire mesh, owing to its unique characteristics, stands as a versatile material boasting numerous benefits. Its remarkable malleability, ductility, as well as its superior electrical and thermal conductivity, render it an unparalleled choice for a diverse array of applications.

Specifically, copper wire mesh possesses non-magnetic properties, making it an ideal candidate for use in environments with salty or briny conditions. Moreover, it is spark-resistant and exhibits resilience against a wide range of chemicals, salt air, and brine.

Applications of Copper Wire Mesh

Copper wire mesh finds widespread applications across various sectors, including electrical, agricultural, and architectural. Its versatility caters to numerous diverse purposes, such as:

  • 1. RFI shielding
  • 2. Faraday cages
  • 3. Roof soffits
  • 4. Snail control
  • 5. Decorative meshes
  • 6. Insect screens

These are merely a few illustrations of the numerous uses of copper wire mesh.


100% Pure Copper Mesh Rolls With 40 Density 98% Porosity For Pest Control Solutions 0


1. High-quality material with 99%+ purity, ideal for diverse applications.
2. Exceptional corrosion resistance in marine environments, resisting marine life like snails and mussels.
3. Superior electrical and thermal conductivity, suitable for wiring and heat sinks. Sturdy with a high melting point.
4. Non-magnetic, hygienic, and antibacterial properties, ideal for clean and safe environments.
5. Copper is a versatile and reliable choice for various industries due to its outstanding quality, conductivity, corrosion resistance, and hygienic properties.


Technical Parameters:

Product Name Copper Mesh Rolls
Material 100% Pure Copper
Wire Strand Single Wire
Color Copper
Mesh Size 4
Porosity 98%
Width 100mm Or 127mm
Wire Diameter 0.15mm / 0.006mm
Density 40
Key Words Copper Mesh Roll, Knitted Copper Wire Mesh


The utilization of copper mesh is remarkably effective in filling and sealing openings, effectively deterring the infiltration of pests, insects, bees, rodents, and other unwanted animals. This material can be densely packed into holes, cracks, or gaps, exhibiting resilience against displacement, thus offering prolonged protection.

One notable advantage of copper mesh lies in its knitted construction, rendering it difficult for rodents to gnaw or dislodge. This characteristic ensures that the mesh serves as a dependable and long-lasting barrier for your space.

To further enhance its strength and insulation capabilities, the copper mesh can be coupled with an insulating foam sealant. This combined approach offers an additional layer of security, forming an impregnable shield against pests and other unwanted intruders.


100% Pure Copper Mesh Rolls With 40 Density 98% Porosity For Pest Control Solutions 1

Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging:

The Copper Mesh Rolls will be packed securely in a sturdy cardboard box to prevent any damage during shipping. The rolls will be wrapped in bubble wrap to provide additional protection.


We use reliable shipping services to deliver your Copper Mesh Rolls. Orders are typically processed within 1-2 business days and shipped out using standard shipping methods. Delivery times may vary depending on your location and shipping method selected during checkout.



Q: What is the brand name of this product?

A: The brand name of this product is Yuanqiao.

Q: What is the model number of this product?

A: The model number of this product is YQ-119.

Q: What is the place of origin of this product?

A: The place of origin of this product is Anping, China.

Q: Is this product certified?

A: Yes, this product is certified with ISO9001.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for this product?

A: The minimum order quantity for this product is 1 roll.

Q: What is the price of this product?

A: The price of this product is negotiable.

Q: What are the packaging details for this product?

A: The packaging details for this product are wooden boxes or pallet or as required.

Q: What is the delivery time for this product?

A: The delivery time for this product is 5-10 days.

Q: What are the payment terms for this product?

A: The payment terms for this product are T/T, L/C.

Q: What is the supply ability for this product?

A: The supply ability for this product is 1000 pcs per day.

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